Recommended Gear

For Practices and Tournaments

Club Colors are Forest Green & White

  • full lace up wrestling shoes (required for all pracrices and tournaments)
  • shorts or compression leggings (only for pracrtices, not allowed during tournament competitions)
  • tee shirt or compression shirt (only for practices, not allowed during tournament competitions)
  • headgear (optional for practice, required for tournament competition)
  • mouth guard (only required for wrestlers with braces and must be worn during practices and tournaments, NO football helmet attachment/leash allowed on mouth guard as it could cause injury to the individual wearing it or the wrestling partner)
  • singlet (not needed for pracrtice, requried for tournament competion, club provides singlets, must wear club's singlet for tournaments) The club's singlets are available for rent or may be purchased outright.
  • hair cover (required for tournament competition if wrestler has hair that touches the neck)

Club logo spirit wear and singlets will be available for purchase after the season begins.

Full Lace Up Wrestling Shoes

Full lace up wrestling shoes.  The club does not promote any paticular brand of shoe, but we do promote particular design features.  There are three major brands that supply wrestling shoes for youth: Ascis, Adidas, and Nike.  Asics wrestling shoes are worn by a majority of wrestlers and coaches in the club.  Wrestling shoes are to be carried to practice and changed into prior to practice or tournaments.  They are NOT to be used as street shoes and should only be worn while wrestling on a mat.


Head Gear



There are many types of wrestling head gear.  The Adidas Response headgear is recommended because it is completely adjustable on every strap, comes in assorted colors, does not use velcro, is easy to clean and sanitize, and has the option of attaching a chin cup.  Cliff Keen, also, sells a similar head gear.  As stated earlier, the club does not promote any particular brand, but we do promote certain design features. 

A chin cups is sometimes necessary for wrestlers becasue it prevents the headgear from putting pressure on the throat.  Notice how the top straps can be criss crossed, or come with a center connection piece.  This is necessary so that the headgear will not be pulled or moved down over the wrestlers eyes. An adult size will fit a child. 



The following gear is NOT allowed because it causes injuries.

This shoe type has a zipper and velcro.  Both fasteners cause injuries to wrestling partners.  The leagues and club do not allow any metal on shoes, clothing, hair, or body (braces need to be covered with a mouth guard) during practices and tournaments.  This type of shoe, also, does not provide an option for tightening.


If you purchase a shoe that has a velcro strap, we request that it is cut off.  Velcro scratches wrestlers and causes wounds which prevent them from practicing or competing.  Please consider the safety of our wrestlers.