Middle School Rule

What are the Middle School Eligibility rules?

Middle School Wrestler Eligibility

 - Qualifying for MMWA and/or MYWAY Regionals
 - Competing in MMWA or MYWAY Tournaments during
the Middle School Team wrestling season 



The MHSAA governs the eligibility rules for middle school and high school students. For wrestling, the rules state the following: 

Once a Middle School Team's competitions begin, wrestlers may participate in two (2) competitions outside of a Middle School Team schedule. 

The rule is clear, in that it doesn't matter when practices with the Middle School Team begin, only the competitions. The Middle School Team may also have "scrimmages" with other teams. These also don't matter - only the competitions.  After the Middle School Team competitions end, wrestlers may participate at will in competitions outside of the Middle School Team schedule.


Both the MMWA and MYWAY leagues require competing in two (2) regular season tournaments to qualify to compete at a Regional Tournament.  This is not a MHSAA rule!  It's league rules, which are completely different and governed by different organizations.

For example, say Scripps Middle School Team begins practicing in mid-January, but the first competition is at the end of January.  A Scripps Middle School Team wrestler may compete in any number of MMWA and/or MYWAY league tournaments up until the date of the first competition at the end of January, without jeopardizing eligibility.  After the first competition date at the end of January, wrestlers may only compete in 2 tournaments until the end of the Middle School Team's season.  Let's say, Scripps Middle School Team's last competition is at the end of February.  After that date, Middle School Team wrestlers may, again, compete in MMWA or MYWAY league tournaments. That leaves one weekend of regular Folkstyle season tournaments in MMWA, 2 weekends in MYWA, and Regionals and Finals in both leagues.



Updated August 2018