All parents of all wrestlers in the club are required to provide a COPY of their child's birth certificate at the start of the season, in November, to the LOYWC Organizer, in order for thier child to participate during practices and compete in tournaments.  She will be collecting the copies during the mandatory Parent Welcome Meeting.  Each wrestler representing the LOYWC, whether competing in tournaments or not, must be registered in each league (MMWA and MYWAY) by the LOYWC.  This is a requirement for each league.  The LOYWC will complete league registrations in November.  The age group in tournaments is determined by the wrestler's age as of December 31st.  If a certificate is not on file, your child will not be able to participate in the LOYWC after November and will not be able to participate in any MMWA or MYWAY tournaments. 

Updated August 2018