MYWAY Novice Rule

Definition of a Novice Wrestler
Only for MYWAY League



A wrestler that is within his/her first 2 years of competition may compete in the Novice Division for MYWAY tournament events.  Medaling has nothing to do with the Novice Division ranking in this league.  Time/Seasons in competition is the determining factor as to whom is allowed to compete in the Novice Division.  Wrestlers may compete in any other leagues within the state of Michigan or outside of it, but that time in competition is counted towards the MYWAY Novice Division ruling.  This ruling is, also, subject to the MYWAY Metro Region Boards' discretion.

Exception to the rule for Metro Region, only, which LOYWC is in,
only first year wrestlers may compete in the Novice events.

If you want your child to wrestle a second year as a novice in MYWAY, you must petition the league. Petitioning ends on December 1st of each year.

All tournament accolades are recorded and kept on file through Trackwrestling for a competitors entire wrestling career.  NUWAY and MYWAY oversee the records.  The LOYWC, also, keeps track of accolades for club members.

Updated August 2018